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SAS Interview Questions
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how to read character value without using substr function in sas ?

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How to get part of string form the source string without using sub string function in SAS?

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We have a string like this "kannafromsalembut" ,from this i want to get only "fromsal" (but one condition with out using substring function)here we can not use scan because in the given string there is no delimeter? so give ans without out using substring ?

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What are the difficulties u faced while doing vital signs table or dataset?


What happens in the following code, if u type 8 instead of *? proc sql noprint; create table abc as select 8 from; quit;

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You need to create an In List that it is to be later used in a Where Clause that includes all the Regions that begin with the letter A from the table. Using PROC SQL with an into clause create the following string from the table using the variable region “AFRICA”,”ASIA”,…..

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What is LOGICAL VARIABLES in SAS.And how it can be used..Can anyone support..???

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You need to perform an analysis on a massive dataset by groups, but are unable to sort the data due to memory constraint. How would you accomplish the task?

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Please write codes to merge two datasets and keep every record in the first dataset.

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When merging 2 datasets with a common variable (not merge key), how to keep both?

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Write a SAS macro to calculate number of numbers in an email address

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Write SAS codes to compare two datasets. Suppose the allowable difference is 0.1.

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The below code we are using for creating more than one macro variables in proc sql using into clause. How we can use same code to create macro variables vara, varb, varc instead of var1, var2, var3.? proc sql noprint; select count(distinct(patient)) into :var1 - :var3 from dataset1 group by trtreg1c ; quit;


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What is proc sql pass through facility?


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How to import multiple xls files into sas. Out of those files, how to get different values from a single variable and how to find number of rows per value type? We can do this using group by for one xls file with proc sql. Was wondering how I can achieve this for multiple files at the same time. Any ideas?


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what techniques and/or procs do you use for tables? : Sas programming


How do dates work in sas?


What are types of transport files?


What is the basic syntax of a sas program?


Give e an example of..


What is the maximum length of the macro variable?


What are the difference between sas functions and procedures?


Mention how to limit decimal places for the variable using proc means?


What does P-value signify about the statistical data?


How does the internal authentication work in sas? : sas-grid-administration


what is study design in while working with SAS? what are screening variables in SAS?


please can you tell me that in companies sas work are doing by through sas coding or sas wizard ??


If a variable contains letters or special characters, can it be numeric data type?


What is a method to debug and test your SAS program?


how are numeric and character missing values represented internally? : Sas programming