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Actuate Interview Questions
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What is data stream and data adapter is it same are different? Explain?


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We had a number of reports scheduled to run at various times. This worked fine for at least a year, now it is the second time round we lost all the scheduled jobs, with no apparent reason we can find. Any ideas?


I generated one report design time I can color green. At run I want bule how to change dynamically? And which method I can over write?


I'm busy writing a report that's using report bursting, to be able to do this I need to use a sequential section. Using a sequential section cause the grouping of the original report not to work. Please can someone give me advise on how to come past this problem, the report need to use grouping as it depend largely on totals ect, and I need to use a sequential section within the report to be able to use the report bursting facility.


Where do we use ACvisitor class?


What is the difference between 'using group by in the sql of the report' and 'having a group section in the report'?


How to do performance tunning of reports?


Where we use afc in actuate?


Explain difference between onrow and onread method?


Copy ".roi" file of management console to another path of management console's folder using ".rox" file. or any command of actuate. Is it Possible? if Yes then pls give me Example.


How do you design a report which has multiple child datastream (horizontal seq)


Connecting to iserver volume using idapi classes(java classes) and after connecting to iserver I want to execute the rox on iserver and also want know the status whether that job is succesfully run or not?


What is data stream and data adapter is it same are different? Explain?


What is data stream and data adapter is it same are different?


How to generate a report by getting values from two reports. The generated report should contain the 5 values of first report and last 5 values of second report?


What is afc?