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How do we have left -right flow , normally its top-down flow

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How can you change the group key dynamically?


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How can i make use of Multiple Input Filter, the case is, i have two Datasources with different queries with a common field. i need the merge set in datarow of MultipleInputFilter. how can i make it.? please provide with clear example i'm new to actuate. thanks in advance.

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wat is synchronous and asynchronous reporting?


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Difference between onRow and Onread method?


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How to set Parameter in Script data source?

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How do you design a report which has multiple child datastream (horizontal seq)


How to do performance tunning of reports?


Copy ".roi" file of management console to another path of management console's folder using ".rox" file. or any command of actuate. Is it Possible? if Yes then pls give me Example.


I'm busy writing a report that's using report bursting, to be able to do this I need to use a sequential section. Using a sequential section cause the grouping of the original report not to work. Please can someone give me advise on how to come past this problem, the report need to use grouping as it depend largely on totals ect, and I need to use a sequential section within the report to be able to use the report bursting facility.


Where do we use ACvisitor class?