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Cognos Interview Questions
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What is the difference between set functions and filter function in dimensional data?


What is the use of 'individual data source' option while using filter in query studio?

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Use of Text Source Variable in Report Studio?

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Why do we create shortcuts in framework manager

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What is use of Field Set present in toolbox?

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How do we implement Check Box Prompt in COgnos Report Studio?

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What is a dashboard in Cognos Report Studio and how do we creae it

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How to a create header dynamically in a crosstab report in cognos 8.1?


How to create a dynamic header in a crosstab report using cognos 8.1 report studio?please suggest me.

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can anyone provide link to download cognos 7.2 version for download along wiht installation and configuration steps tx in advance


These are few Interview questions i faced.I hope to get help here. 1.Can we convert a Crosstab to List? 2.How do you approach and who tells you what exactly the way report has to be developed so that i meets the client requirements? 3.Can we link the List and Chart thats created in the same report? 4.Where do you edit sql in cognos8 ? 5.What is the difference between native sql and oracle sql? 6.What is the difference between MOLAP and ROLAP? 7.What is the use of BI in datwarehousing? 8.What are set functions? 9.How do you test a report? 10.What are the variables you find in toolbox? 11.How many types of filters are there in cognos8? All the answers r welcomed .U can reach me at


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What you mean by drill across?


i have one file i saved in csv how can i take these file into framework manager


What do you understand by the term 'dynamic cube'?


What are the main services provided by application tier?


how u will design the report if the objects are available


Hi Buddies...i am lalitha. i am willing to appear for cognos bi-author certification. can anyone of you send me cognos dump. please please help me.


What is the advantage of using shortcuts?


Define metrics studio?


Please explain the different stages in creating a report in cognos report net?


What is the difference b/w macros and prompt?


how to explain tne project at the time of interview? where to start and how to end? plz explain in detail thax in advance


What is defined as catalog and types of catalogs in Cognos?


Explain what is the difference between microstrategy and cognos reporting tool?


What is a Query Subject?


What is Bitmap Index?