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Cognos Interview Questions
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Can anyone explain the procedure for configuring cognos8 with oracle as Content Manager/Content Store? I know the configuration of cognos8 with SQL SERVER (Like how to create CM database in oracle and applying securities to access that Database from cognos8 (Cognos Configuration)


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What are the procedures (or) methods using in Migration process in cognos? I.e. the created report is in development server that moves into production server (client server). Shall we drag or copy the file moving from development to production? It is possible or could you tell me that how will we do it?

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How do you create IQD in FWM? Pls, give the procedure with an example. I told him that we could create using Native SQL method in FWM; it is correct or do you do another method there?

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How do you schedule process automatically in cognos.I.e we have 50 reports and 100 users that will schedule daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Pls, give the answers the query early on.

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Can anyone give me the url for cognos forum which is similar to for business objects?



I would appreciate if any one answer for this, I have faced the question like this, the question was Tell me some complex reports, which u faced?


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What errors and types of errors you faced in Cognos ReportNet?

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How to do deployment?

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Hi,Can anyone tell me training centre for cognos in Mumbai?

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What is value prompt limitations while creating report? What is select and search prompt?

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Can anyone tell me the step by step process how to connect cognos to oracle?

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We can use a calculated field to dynamically create the burst recipients in Cognos 8. Can we do the same in Cognos ReportNet 1.1?


Did you find any differences in bursting feature between reportnet 1.1 & cognos 8? what are the differences?


What is minimum version of internet explorer to run the Cognos report.

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What is the abrevation of .PPR? (Power play report) or anything new?

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what is the difference between native sql and cognos sql?


What is meant by alternate drill down with ex?


How can we create a dynamic column name in cognos?


hi my name is siraj i want to know cognos queriy language


What is meant by drill down?


Explain difference between powerplay transformer and power play reports?


What do you understand by the term ‘frame manager' in cognos and write all the layers of the framework manager model?


Can you explain a cognos controller?


what are the dimensions that you have in your current project?list them?


What are the steps to import the two data sources in framework manager?


What is drill down and slicing and dicing whats the difference between them?


what are slowly changing dimensions? Why we are used scd?


What is the use of powerhouse?


------------------What is Inline Query?


Why cognos decision stream is used?