Teradata Interview Questions
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Can any one please provide me practical example of How to do the performance tuning in Query??


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Why FLOAD does not support multiset tables??

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What is collect State in Teradata ? what it use and how it works??


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What EXPLAIN does in Teradata, what is High confidence, Low confidence and No confidence.. And How we improve the query performance .


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What is the difference between correlated sub queries and inner queries?

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Hello all, There is a table with 4 columns in that 3 columns has been already loaded with 5 million records.4th column is empty,Now I have got 5 million records data which has to be loaded into 4th column.How can I load this data fastly in to the 4th column with out using update


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Where we use PPI in real time??? What is the disadvantages of PPI?

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What is the Maximum number of volatile tables that can be created?


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What is a pseudo key? What is its use???


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Can u load same data into multiple tables using multiload? How will be the loading process? Whether it will be serially or parallely?


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How to handle nulls in Teradata??? How many columns can be there in a table??? How to find average sal with out using avg function????


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In which scenarios we use Volatile tables and Global temporary Tables in Real time? Please give me one real time scenario???I know wat is its use??

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What is differnce between Error code and Error Level in Bteq


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Can we take collect stats on Dervied Tables and Volitable tables, What is Golabal Temporary table what is the use of this Golabal Temporary table ,When we create any kind table in Teradata it will show in Golabal Temporary table


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What is the default join strategy in Teradata???


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If RDBMS is halted what will you do ?


If the PMON is not working then how do you identify and monitor all the processes, resources and sessions ?


Can we have two time dimensions in a schema(either star or snow flake)? For ex if we want joining date of employee and if we want today's sales with time whether can we have two time dimensions for accommodating above tasks?


Backup Script was blocked you are unable to archive the data now. how do you analyze it and where do you identify ?


Hi send me the Teradata dumps to my id rajeshanantha@yahoo.co.in Thanks Rajesh. A


hi frnds i want to learn teradata utilities and teradata dba real time. i have 1+ years of experience in teradata. so i want to go deeply in Tearada. plz let me know at my email id who r best to learn from. im lookng for a realtime guy in HYD or Banglr. Thanks in advance. Rajesh my email-id: rajeshmss87@gmail.com


If the PMON is not working then how do you manage and monitor all processes, resources and sessions etc.


what is object level locking ? where do appear this type of locking ?


how do we write scripts in unix how to execute scripts in real time anybody please needfull or give me number i will cal u


what is sysdba and sysdbc ? which has high priority ?


If I wanted to run a TPump job only once per day - basically working on a file that is produced once per day - how would you set up the parameters for that sort of job ?


Hi Friends, Please send me Teradata Materials for certifications Thanks in advance !!


what are the uses of fact table and dimension table in banking project?


How to load specific no.of records using bteq, or fastload,or multiload


Can any one explain me the difference between BTEQ and MLOAD,TUMP. All canbe used for same purpose but still differnt methods. why ?