Teradata Interview Questions
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Can we load a Multi set table using MLOAD?

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What is the process to restart the multiload if it fails?

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What is use of compress in terdata?Explain?

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Why Fload doesn’t support multiset table?

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Why AMP & PE are called Vprocs?

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Explain about Skew Factor?


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How a Referential integrity is handled in Teradata?

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What is FILLER command in Teradata?


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what is the difference between bpo and call centre?

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Can any one plz provide the teradata interview questions?

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Diff b/w v2r5 and v2r6 ?


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How to find No. of Records present in Each AMP or a Node for a given Table through SQL?


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Why MultiLoad Utility supports only Non Unique Secondary Index(NUSI) in the Target Table ?


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How to Skip or Get first and Last Record from Flat File through MultiLoad and TPUMP Utility?

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Write a single SQL to delete duplicate records from the a single table based on a column value. I need only Unique records at the end of the Query.

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Hi, If anyone has TD 14 Basics dumps or study materials, please share. nirmaaal1991@gmail.com


any one answer me how they can analyzing the project using data ware housing?


how do you manage the production space. what are the proactive methods you can take ?


Backup Script was blocked then you are unable to archive the data. how do you analyze it and where do you identify ?


How to write the query . eid enm doj dob i want to display the names who worked more than 25 years .


If the PMON is not working then how do you manage and monitor all processes, resources and sessions etc.


what is object level locking ? where do appear this type of locking ?


what is sysdba and sysdbc ? which has high priority ?


If RDBMS is halted what will you do ?


how do we write scripts in unix how to execute scripts in real time anybody please needfull or give me number i will cal u


If a Node is busy what are the steps you can take to avoid ?


what are the day to day activities of teradata DBA ?


Hi Friends, Please send me Teradata Materials for certifications Thanks in advance !!


how can we analyze the locks ?


what are the uses of fact table and dimension table in banking project?