Teradata Interview Questions
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Can we load a Multi set table using MLOAD?

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What is the process to restart the multiload if it fails?

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What is use of compress in terdata?Explain?

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Why Fload doesn’t support multiset table?

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Why AMP & PE are called Vprocs?

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Explain about Skew Factor?


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How a Referential integrity is handled in Teradata?

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What is FILLER command in Teradata?


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what is the difference between bpo and call centre?

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Can any one plz provide the teradata interview questions?

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Diff b/w v2r5 and v2r6 ?


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How to find No. of Records present in Each AMP or a Node for a given Table through SQL?


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Why MultiLoad Utility supports only Non Unique Secondary Index(NUSI) in the Target Table ?


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How to Skip or Get first and Last Record from Flat File through MultiLoad and TPUMP Utility?

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Write a single SQL to delete duplicate records from the a single table based on a column value. I need only Unique records at the end of the Query.

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what is sysdba and sysdbc ? which has high priority ?


hi frnds i want to learn teradata utilities and teradata dba real time. i have 1+ years of experience in teradata. so i want to go deeply in Tearada. plz let me know at my email id who r best to learn from. im lookng for a realtime guy in HYD or Banglr. Thanks in advance. Rajesh my email-id: rajeshmss87@gmail.com


i learn teradata,it is so intersting,now i want teradata certifications ,so any 1 help me to get teradata certifications TD 12 ? email:kdcrazyy@gmail.com


what is object level locking ? where do appear this type of locking ?


what are the uses of fact table and dimension table in banking project?


if collect stats but it show low confidence why?


Hi Friends, Please send me Teradata Materials for certifications Thanks in advance !!


how do we write scripts in unix how to execute scripts in real time anybody please needfull or give me number i will cal u


Hi send me the Teradata dumps to my id rajeshanantha@yahoo.co.in Thanks Rajesh. A


what are the day to day activities of teradata DBA ?


How to write the query . eid enm doj dob i want to display the names who worked more than 25 years .


If the PMON is not working then how do you manage and monitor all processes, resources and sessions etc.


Hi, If anyone has TD 14 Basics dumps or study materials, please share. nirmaaal1991@gmail.com


How to explain project Architecture and flow in teradata interviews?Can please anyone help on this? Am new to teradata.


How to load specific no.of records using bteq, or fastload,or multiload