Teradata Interview Questions
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How many macros we can create inside a macro


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what is identity columns in teradata


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what is referential constraints?how do you implement RI in teradata?


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What is Difference b/w PI & PPI?how to implement PPI?


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what is identity columns in TD?


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if a error occured in FASTLOAD is the fastload job stops?

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sel a.t1,b.t1 from emp a left outer join dept b ON a.id=b.id where b.deptno=10; sel a.t1,b.t1 from emp a left outer join dept b ON a.id=b.id and b.deptno=10; what is the difference on the above 2 queries?


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what is identity column in TD?


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How can we pass Variable in Bteq with out using shell script Is it possible or not If possible let me know how can we pass varaibale

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Suppose i have data like 2009/12/31 555555534 ' ' Generally last 2 records are wrong format it is going to error table but i don't want load error table if any wrong format in Date column Pass "NULL" how can we do it fast load

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How do you check the performance of Teradata Query and list down the basic Performance Tuning steps you use?


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what happen if a query fail in dispatcher?

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what is the structure of UV table in MLOAD?

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what is DYNAMIC SQL in TD?


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what is a multi statement request in TD? what is the diif b/w V2R5 & TD12? what is the diff b/w MACRO & STORED PROCEDURE?


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How to load specific no.of records using bteq, or fastload,or multiload


If RDBMS is halted what will you do ?


Backup Script was blocked then you are unable to archive the data. how do you analyze it and where do you identify ?


Can any one explain me the difference between BTEQ and MLOAD,TUMP. All canbe used for same purpose but still differnt methods. why ?


what is sysdba and sysdbc ? which has high priority ?


If a Node is busy what are the steps you can take to avoid ?


If the PMON is not working then how do you manage and monitor all processes, resources and sessions etc.


how do you manage the production space. what are the proactive methods you can take ?


Can we have two time dimensions in a schema(either star or snow flake)? For ex if we want joining date of employee and if we want today's sales with time whether can we have two time dimensions for accommodating above tasks?


How to explain project Architecture and flow in teradata interviews?Can please anyone help on this? Am new to teradata.


Backup Script was blocked you are unable to archive the data now. how do you analyze it and where do you identify ?


how do we write scripts in unix how to execute scripts in real time anybody please needfull or give me number i will cal u


i learn teradata,it is so intersting,now i want teradata certifications ,so any 1 help me to get teradata certifications TD 12 ? email:kdcrazyy@gmail.com


what are the uses of fact table and dimension table in banking project?


hi frnds i want to learn teradata utilities and teradata dba real time. i have 1+ years of experience in teradata. so i want to go deeply in Tearada. plz let me know at my email id who r best to learn from. im lookng for a realtime guy in HYD or Banglr. Thanks in advance. Rajesh my email-id: rajeshmss87@gmail.com