ASP Interview Questions
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What are the collections of Session Object?

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What are the methods in Session Object?

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Name some of the ASP components?

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What are Scripting Objects?

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What are the ASP Scripting Objects?

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What is a Dictionary object?

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What is a FileSystemObject object?

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What is Server-Side includes?

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What is the result of using Option Explicit? A. This applies only to Visual Basic, not VBScript. B. All variables must be dimensioned before use. C. All variables are dimensioned at run-time. D. Forces all SELECT controls to have a SELECTED option. E. Requires all variables be cast as specific DataTypes.

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What should be used in order to determine if the cookie "FavoriteFlavors" in the request object contains more than one entry? A. Request.Cookies("FavoriteFlavors").HasItems B. Request.Cookies("FavoriteFlavors").Collection.Count C. Request.Cookies("FavoriteFlavors").Dictionary D. Request.Cookies("FavoriteFlavors").HasKeys E. Request.Cookies("FavoriteFlavors").Count

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When is the Session_OnStart event fired? A. Upon every request from an application by a client for an .asp document. B. Upon the first request from an application by a client for any file in the application. C. Upon the first request for an .asp document from an application by a client. D. Upon the first request for the global.asa file, in which the event handler is located. E. Upon the first request for an. html or .asp document from an application by client

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What does Internet Information Server (IIS) assume to be the default language for Active Server Pages? A. Jscript B. JavaScript C. JAVA D. VBScript E. ECMAScript

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What should the developer use in order to have an Active Server Page (ASP) invokes a stored procedure on a SQL Server database? A. ADO B. RDO C. RDS D. OLEDB E. None of the above.

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?onStart' and 'onEnd' are events of what object(s)? A. Application only. B. Session only. C. Server only. D. Application and Session only. E. Application, Session, and Server.

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What must be installed on an IIS4 machine to use the CDONTS e-mail server object? A. FTP service B. SMTP service C. IIS administrator D. Exchange Server E. IPX/SPX protocol

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