ASP Interview Questions
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difference between POST & GET methods?

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What is the command to display characters to the HTML page?

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What is a variable?

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What are LOCAL and GLOBAL variables?

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what are Naming constraints for a variable in ASP?

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What is the Order of precedence for LOGICAL Operators in ASP?

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What is Response Object?

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How will you set the values for cookies?

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What is the function of Buffer in Response Object?

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What are the methods by which output stream is controlled?

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What are the properties used to control the expiration of the page?

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What are the methods in Application Object?

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What are the event handlers of Application Object?

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What is Session Object?

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What is a session?

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write a program for sorting of all students records in a class according to roll no. using ADO and corresponding database.


Resource Files: How to use the resource files, how to know which language to use?


difference between html and asp?


difference between partial and public ?


. which tag i need to use manually to bind columns in a datagrid ?


Give an example of how using an HttpHandler could simplify an existing design that serves Check Images from an .aspx page.


how to delete windows application in


What is Debit Memo & Credit Memo in Payables?


Actually i downloaded Ajax news flash module but i am having issues enabling it on my site. need help.


what is page


how can we delete cookies by coding part . so pls help me


how can i connect to ms-access database, with ASP??


what is diff c#and what is .net framework 3.5 what is webservice with expmles


In case of we are not saving the information as cookies. how server detects the same user?


Distinguish functionalities of ASP in web design.