ASP Interview Questions
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Which line of code would instantiate the Browser Capabilities component? A. objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType") B. Set objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType") C. var objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType") D. var objBrowser = CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType") E. var objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("BrowserType")

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What is the Default ScriptTimeOut for Server Object? A. 20 Sec B. 30 Sec C. 60 Sec D. 90 Sec

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How many Max Cookies can we create in Server? A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 D. 40


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What is ASP (Active Server Pages)?

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What are the advantages of using ASP?

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What is the difference between ASP and HTML?

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What is a Web Server?

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What is IIS?

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Which is the default Scripting Language of ASP (server- side)?

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Which is the default Scripting Language on the client side in ASP?

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What is Global.asa file?

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Where will you code OPTION EXPLICIT in an ASP application? WHY?

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What are Constants? How will you declare a constant?

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What are ARRAYS?

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what are ASP Objects?

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What is the Difference B/W Onclick() and Oncommand() in ASP.Net? If Possible Explain with Realtime Example?


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