ASP Interview Questions
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How many objects are there in ASP?

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Name at least two methods of response object other than Transfer.

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How many types of cookies are there?

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What is difference between Server.transfer and Response.redirect ?

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Tell few steps for optimizing (for speed and resources) ASP page/application ?

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Which DLL file is needed to be registered for ASP?

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Tell few programming diffrence between ADO and DAO programming. What is state?

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What does Server.MapPath do?

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Describe how a browser-based Form POST becomes a Server-Side event like Button1_OnClick

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Give an example of how using an HttpHandler could simplify an existing design that serves Check Images from an .aspx page.



Describe ways to present an arbitrary endpoint (URL) and route requests to that endpoint to ASP.NET.


Juxtapose the HTTP verbs GET and POST. What is HEAD?


How does if-not-modified-since work? How can it be programmatically implemented with ASP.NET?


How does VaryByCustom work?


What are the Web Servers supporting ASP?


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what is STLC in Testing


Enter the roll number of a student and get his marks from a database file called MARKS. Use an ASP code for the same


how to implemet online examination in


we are doing Design of Placement Website as our academic project. Home page is in format and register page is in format. We met a problem in this.register page is not linked in home page. how i complete my project with out any change..?


___________ and ____________ properity to be used to create localized version of a form


write a program for sorting of all students records in a class according to roll no. using ADO and corresponding database.


which sdlc model was used for whatsapp?


what is database deployment?


What is hidden field?


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by puting attendance to students if he absent tat should intimate to his fathers mobile automatically anybody having code send to me


how to create overlay on div ?


Write a program in ASP that connect with "Employee" Database and Select all records from "Emp" table and shown in tabular form.


textbox has viewstate property,but it does not depend on its property to retain their data across page,Explain.