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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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When you realize that there is something wrong in BDD, what will you do ?


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What is the role of good test engineer?


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what are the differnent techniques of testing?

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what is the difference between testing techniques and principles of testing?Kindly explain both of them with an example.


Kindly tell me some good websites from where I can study about sqa and testing(advance and new material)


what we have to do in white box testing what will be checked in it and how much its necessary for white box tester to be a good programmer too

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what is the differemce b/w test cases and test scripts?

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can we write testscripts without using any automation tool if yes so how can we write it or which terminology is used for writing it?

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What is the difference between an activity of QA and QC?


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How do we measure the quality of a product?


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what is test methodology? .What is its function in software testing? .What it discribe in test plan?

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How to download QTP 9.5 Trail version? please explain the complete process?

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what is the difference between quality assurance and quality control

BIPL, BJIT, Cap Gemini, SouthTech,

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In an Interview I have been asked the following questions, 1) How would allocate job to your team members if you are assigned a role of Team Lead. 2) The second question was, do you follow any technique for the distribution of time while assigning jobs to your team members. For, both the questions I was clueless to answer. Please give me a practical approach for the above questions.

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is any body looking for job in software testing

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What is random testing?


What is a test strategy and what does it include?


How do you define a format of writing a good test case?


What is negative testing? How is it different from positive testing?


What is the rule of a "test driven development"?


Explain the difference between the verification and validation?


What is crud testing and how to test crud?


hi, my qusetion is that plz send me the complete testplan and test cases of any web application with testing too so i have an idea bcz i have no any experience in it


What is automated software quality (asq)?


What are the responsibilities of a qa analyst?


What is code complete?


What does the software qa document should include?


What are the key components of a test case template


How does a server or client environment affect software testing?


What is validation and verification in software testing?