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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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How does the Internal QA Audit relates with the ISO Standards level ?



How to decide testing Strategy?(White box or Black box).

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how we apply cmmi and iso in oyr testing or qa do it have some specifuc format


What type of testing is used for deaf and dumb people?

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If an organisation wants to go for an automated testing basically for Functional testing by using QTP. then at what stage they should proceed for Automation testion. However a vast experience is there in the field of manual testing.


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Dear all I need an advice about sqa field last year i have completed my graduation in computer engineering and i have just started my career as Software engineer in QA field and working in a software company. The problem is that I am very confused about my career in this field because I want to know that how much it's necessary that the programming concepts and the programming should be strong if the person is working as a sqa engineer if i talk about myself i can create logic with respect to programming but for me it's very difficult to implement my logic in form of code and is programming field has strong scope over sqa field and as a sqa engineer what will be my prestige in front of programmers. I want to know what appourtinutes i will get in this field after some period of time and what will be the next step(desigination)in that field.Kindly reply Regards


Can any body worked in QA in Finincail / Trading experience. i appreciate if you ans my some questions.


What are the 3C's in the todays IT world?

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Adhoc testing is done ?(a)without proper testplan and without proper test cases (b)without proper testplan and with proper testcases (c)Both a & b (d) none of the above ? PLZ explain....Thanks in ADVANCE

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Adhoc testing is done ?(a)without proper testplan and without proper test cases (b)without proper testplan and with proper testcases (c)Both a & b (d) none of the above ? PLZ explain....Thanks in ADVANCE

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What are the day to day activities involved in QA process ?

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Life for QA & job oppurtunity ?

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what is the difference between functional requirements and non functional requirements? Which things will come in bothe categories?

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hi Can anyone tell me abt how to do the virtual objects and how to pass input and output parameters in qtp? Plz send the answer in detail. Thanks Priya


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how do u start web logic in your application


What is difference between test effectiveness and test efficiency?


hi, my qusetion is that plz send me the complete testplan and test cases of any web application with testing too so i have an idea bcz i have no any experience in it


In case you have any doubts regarding your project, how do you approach?


Do you have a favourite QA book? More than one? Which ones? And why.


What are test driver and test stub and why we need them?


Enlist some automation testing tools.


Hi QA, Do any QA's give us the detail status of review happening during the entire life cycle (if templates includes it will be very useful for us) ?


What is the most critical bug you found in your latest project or overall in your career ?


prepare functional requirements and design test cases for a given business requirement as follows(consider all the implicit requirements): A message portal is given,Login into that, check for any e_mail in inbox-if present reply,if not compose a mail and send it.


Explain bug leakage and bug release?


What is the difference between quality assurance (qa) and quality control (qc)?


What actually a SQA Tester do in His/ Her first (entry level) Job?


What do you like most about Quality Assurance/Testing?


Do you think qa's can also participate to resolve production issues?