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Rational TestSuite Interview Questions
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What is not present in iterations of test manager? a. Owner b. Name c. Child iteration d. Start date and end date


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What can u say about making a new configuration in Rational Test manager? a. Yes, it can be easily made. b. Yes, but with great difficulty c. No, Never. d. Can’t say.


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For distributed functional testing what do we require in test manager? a. Test Agent b. Test Monitor c. Test Executer d. Test Mentor

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If we have to use a different data type then which command helps us in that a. Custom Data type b. Import from command line c. Microsoft excel d. None of the above

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Is it possible to perform performance/stress tests using Rational Test Manager, by executing manual test scripts?

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Which is the correct order? a. Planning, Designing, Execution, Implementation and Analysis b. Planning, Designing, Implementation, Execution and Analysis c. Analysis, Planning, Designing, Execution and Implementation d. Planning, Analyzing, Designing, Execution and Implementation

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What do you mean by data driven testing? a. Testing using Data Drivers. b. Testing using Excel Sheets c. Testing using Executables. d. Testing using Command Line Parameters

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Initially Recorded: 7/31/00 2:33:02 PM Script Name: COSC 198 Exam Script Sub Main Sets the delay between execution lines to the default value SetTime 100 This Dimensions an integer variable for use in this script Dim Result As Integer StartApplication "notepad" 'This sets the window context to the Notepad window Window SetContext, "Caption={* - Notepad}", "" 'Test Case to verify the text is correct Result = EditBoxVP (CompareText, "ObjectIndex=1", "VP=Text Verification;Type=CaseSensitive") Observe the code mentioned and answer the below questions 1. Which language it is :- a. SQA Basic b. VB c. C like Language d. TSL 2. Type of the script is ---------- a. VU b. VB c. GUI d. C 3. Explain what the above line ( StartApplication "notepad" ) actually does? a) It starts the notepad application. b) We do not have to open it from the start menu, c) it is opened itself from the robot by using the start application by providing the path to it. 4. Which Verification point is inserted? Result = EditBoxVP (CompareText, "ObjectIndex=1", "VP=Text Verification;Type=CaseSensitive") a. Alphanumeric b. Object Properties c. Window Image d. Object Data

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How many Verification points are there in Rational Robot? List them.

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How many Comparators are there in Rational Robot? List them.

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Shortcut Keys for Recording a GUI Script and VU Session are a. F2 and F3 b. Ctrl+ R and Ctrl + Shift + R c. Ctrl+ R and Alt +R d. Ctrl + G and Ctrl + V

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What is purpose of Rational Administrator?

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hi i am sanganithi.i am having some doubt in rational robot.can we do synchronization in rational robot,if we can do means how can we do .please explain the steps clearly.

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consider i had created two projects in rational administrator.And i am currently working one project in rational robot.Now i want to open the other project script in rational robot without closing the rational robot.How can we access the other project script in robot.

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hi i did MBA(HR)from IGNOU, NEW DELHI. can any please tell me that is testing is helpful my career?

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Un-Answered Questions { Rational TestSuite }

Where do you view the results in Trap option?


Explain purpose of inserting delay values in the scripts of rational?


I wanna to learn RFT can anyone send me the learning material including demo. I am working on mainframe based project using RFT, but don't have that much knowledge of java scripts so need to learn.


Could any one share scripts... where we can Parameterize radio buttons and Check boxes.


Which of these is not a kind of report in Rational Test Manager a. Performance Report b. Build Listing Report c. Test Plan Report d. Test Case Report


For unattended execution whick playback options you will use?


How Do I run my RFT scripts through RQM(rational quality manager)can anyone explain me in the details giving examples. Also, I wanna to integrate RQM with RFT how to do that?


What is datapool cursor?


What information is contained in the Datapool_config section?


What is user defined data type?


What is meant by verification point and what is the use of it?


How can you automate your project?


how you copy test cases from .xls to Quality centre?


Explain datapool?


Explain Robot?s command line options?