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PHP Interview Questions
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How can we know the count/number of elements of an array?

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What are the different functions in sorting an array?

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How can we destroy the session, how can we unset the variable of a session?

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For printing out strings, there are echo, print and printf. Explain the differences.

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What is the difference between the functions unlink and unset?

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How can we extract string ‘ ‘ from a string" target="_blank"> using regular expression of php?

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Would you initialize your strings with single quotes or double quotes?

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What is the difference between $message and $$message?

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explain the changes in php version

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Different between the var_dump() and print_r()?

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hi sir am a fresher just learning LAMP COURSE linux,apache,mysql and php .just i finished my M.C.A 2009 passed out ..can any one tell after i finish this course how much salary we expect in any php based company ? and also tell please how much salary we can demand as a fresher with my M.C.A qualification as a PHP fresher in a company ? how much we get atleast mininum as a PHP fresher in CHENNAI and Bangalore just send ur valuable suggestions to please guide to me sir

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Whether One-line comment begin with pound sing(#) in php?

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am fresher in php finished my linux,apache,mysql,and php(LAMP) course please can any one tell openings for freshers in php ...And please tell how much i demand as a fresher in PHP field just say approximately or assumption ..? at present am staying in chennai am looking my job in chennai only or else in bangalore ... hello experts please answer this question ?


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can any one tell how to install LAMP server in terminal in ubuntu.....and also tell please how to run php files in ubunut and how to save and compile in ubuntu..i already installed ubuntu ..but i dont installed lamp server so i want to install lamp server in terminal is it possible please reply

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How to create the PHP Script to Calculate the Age Using the Inputs Of our Birth date and the Current date?

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Un-Answered Questions { PHP }

What is a path Traversal?


What are the two types of variables?


What is the static variable in function useful for?


Explain mixed and callback functions?


What are super global variables in php?


What is isset php?


What is the difference between php and cakephp?


What php framework does wordpress use?


What is PECL?


Why do we use namespace in php?


What are the features of php?


Does php pass arrays by reference?


What is a php session?


Is it more secure to use cookies to trfer session ids?


Which variable declarations within a class is invalid in php?