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PHP Interview Questions
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when we use ob_start() function in php then the header() and session_start() does not gives the error like header already sent,please explain in brief

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why header() gives the error like header already sent in php please explain in brief


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what is mean php ? is it designingtool or language? how ill create website using by php?

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What IS PHP?


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how many types of inheritance is there in php? name there?

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which function used to get the number of days between two given dates in php

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what is pear in php in brief ?

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how long a default session stay in php?

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where to change in php.ini file for file uploading?

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how many error types in php? name there?

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describe arguments in header in php?

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difference of move(), and copy() function in php?

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explain in brief type juggling in php?

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which function used to get the file name in php?

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How can we find the number of rows in a result set using PHP?

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What are the differences between session and cookie?


What is the advantage of runtime polymorphism?


Explain the casts allowed in PHP?


What is the use of addslashes in php?


What is encapsulation in oop php?


Why do we use in php?


Why php is used?


Does php support multithreading?


What is the use of $_request variable?


Php says that an array is an ordered map. But how the values are ordered in an array?


What is whitespace in html?


What are the encryption functions in php?


Please explain is it possible to use com component in php?


How arrays are used in php?


How to access a specific character in a string using php?