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How do I open a file to write content to?

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How can I check if a value is already in an array?

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How can I add text to an image?

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How can I find the colour of a pixel of an image?

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How can I find the width and height of an image resource?

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How can I rotate an image?

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How can I loop through the members of an array?

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How can I reverse sort an array keeping the correlation between the index and value?

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How can I reset an array in PHP?

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How do I add to the beginning of an array and find the number of elements in it?

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How can we submit a form without a submit button? What is the use of obj_star?

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How can we submit a form without a submit button?

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i was set new individual folder for saving session values,the folder name is session and i set 777 permission,using session.save_path function like session.save_path "/home21b/sub004/sc21311-ULCX/" but it causing Warning: Unknown(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid/gid is 12112/12112 is not allowed to access /home21b/sub004/sc21311-ULCX/ owned by uid/gid 12267/12267 in Unknown on line 0 ,please tell what changes make this script, i was using .htaccesss file..plz help me....

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how to use between operator when retrieve from database(format-2008-jun-06)

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how to upload 100mb file using .htaccess..

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iam mca post graduate in 2010 not getting job in JAVA so iam looking for carear in php as market demand is high so it is best option to try for php or not


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why did u want to leave your past organisation?


sort term descripttion form, report and uery


Which have the fastest execution between mysql_fetch_array() and mysql_fetch_assoc()


How to get best php developer Experience in Php with Sugar CRM / VTiger.


What is a class in php programing?