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PHP Interview Questions
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What and How possible injection in PHP and mysql?


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Is PHP is procedure oriented or object oriented?

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Which is the Best plateform for PHP?

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What is indexing how many types?

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What is The difference between ' and " where they can ben in between or outmost and how

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PHP serverside scripting language or client side scripting language>

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PHP can be used frontend of for backend?

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What is meant by content management system?

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How to link one site backend to another site frontend?

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How can we upload a php + mysql Site

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what are the basic steps to installation php4+mysql4+phpmyadmin on IIS web server?. Pls write the complete steps.

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is 'easyphp' is compelete technology to design a phpmysql site?

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how can we check mail function with '' (before submitting a site?

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what do you mean by webserver's document root?

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what is the abbrevation of PHP?


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What version of php do I have windows?


What is Type hinting in PHP?


What is the use of nl2br() in php?


Why do we create an instance of a class in php?


What is 'float' property in css?


What is the difference between print() and echo() in PHP?


What is escaping to php?


Write a select query that will be displayed the duplicated site name and how many times it is duplicated?


Explain difference between urlencode and urldecode?


why did u want to leave your past organisation?


What is htaccess? Why do we use this and where?


Which function would you use to merge two arrays in php?


Are php variables global?


Can I use php in html?


How can we display information of a variable and readable by human with php?