What is indexing how many types?

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What is indexing how many types? ..

Answer / guest

Indexing is a technique to add or search for particular data
from database.
Regarding the types of indexing I'm a little confused coz
i dint find 32 types but a few of them are:
. primary key index:
.unique index
.bitmap index
.hash index
.function based index
.Virtual index
. Binary Search style indexing
. B-tree indexing
. Inverted list indexing
. Memory List indexing
. Table indexing


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What is indexing how many types? ..

Answer / umesh kumar sharma

Indexing is use to improve the performance of database. it
has 32 types of indexing in each table

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What is indexing how many types? ..

Answer / ramse


can u please explain how the intexing actully works and
name of diffrent types of indexing.

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