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Oracle General Interview Questions
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Give SQL Query to find the number words in a sentence ? ex: 'ram charan singh' then ans:3 Answer:select length(trim('ram charan singh')) - length (replace (trim ( 'ram charan singh'),' ','')) +1 from dual The above query working properly when space between the words is only one &similar But ,If the space between the words is nonuniform. Ex:'ram charan singh is good' ans:5 i am not getting this answer using above query.

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how to clone 9i Database on to 10g Database.


Hello All, Could any one provide me FAQs/interview questions on oracle PL/SQL

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what r tyhe major differences between oracle 9i & 10g?

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How we can able to import our own template (users designed MS-Word templates) which has many tabular columns; need to pass some values generate by Oracle-reports9i? Actually need to import more than 400 MS-Word templates into Oracle Reports-9i to minimize layout design in Reports.


Is primary key = unique key,not null? If yes,please explain IF No,please explain


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how to delete all duplicate records from a table using subquery?

ABC, Cap Gemini,

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difference between imlicit cursor and explicit cursor ?

Cap Gemini,

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what is query and types of query


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how to select alphabets in a one column , for this the table name is PA_TASKS and column name is TASK_NUMBER, In TASK_NUMBER the data like this 1.1.3NN,1.1.4NN,1.5.1NN,1.3.2NE,1.5NN,1NN,1.2NE,1CE , For this i need to disply output as only NN,but not other alphabets, if NN is thre means i should display , otherwise leave that blank or empty Its some urgent requirement ,thanks in advance

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One Table having two rows with one colomn having values Like"Male" and "Female". how to upadte these values Like "Female" and "Male" in single update statement.


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If I have a select statment which retrives 2 rows, & that rows have the same data in all the fields except the last field and I want to merge the 2 rows to be in 1 row with concatenating the last field which have the different data.... eg: the 1st row has these fields: A-B-C the second row has: A-B-X ........ i want to merge the two row to be in one row like ----> A- B- C,X

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What is cursor


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hey friends, What are the steps I can do to transfer the database from Microsoft Access 2003 to oracle10g (or SQL) Best regards


If a table column has is UNIQUE and has NOT NULL, is it equivalent to a PRIMARY KEY column?


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What happens to the current transaction if the session is killed?


What is the scope of a local variable?


Explain the use of rows option in imp command.


master table and child table performances and comparisons in Oracle ?


What is blob data type in oracle?


How do you get nicely formatted results from an oracle procedure that returns a reference cursor?


What are the different windows events activated at runtime ?


What is background process in Oracle?


What is meant by a deadlock situation?


What is the data type of dual table?


What is an oracle and why it is used?


Difference between oracle's plus (+) notation and ansi join notation?


State and explain about oracle instance?


What is using clause and give example?


What is control file used for?