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ADO.NET Interview Questions
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OleDbDataAdapter ole=new OleDbDataAdapter(new OleDbCommand ("select * from login",oleDbConnection1)); OleDbCommandBuilder cmd=new OleDbCommandBuilder(ole); ole.Fill(dataSet11,"login"); DataRow drow=dataSet11.Tables ["login"].NewRow(); drow[0]=textBox1.Text; drow[1]=textBox2.Text; drow[2]=textBox3.Text; dataSet11.Tables["login"].Rows.Add (drow); ole.UpdateCommand=cmd.GetUpdateCommand(); ole.Update(dataSet11,"login"); MessageBox.Show("one row added"); this gives to solve it


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oledbdataadpter with ms access in giving exception System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException while writing adapter.update(dataset,"tabname"); how to update the database from dataset?

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make a login control??

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how to add a selected row of a gridview to another gridview without reloading the page??

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what is connection pooling ?


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What is the Magic Tables in Sqlserver2000?

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What is reference by value how does it works in .net?

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How to Handle the exceptions in Sqlsrver2000

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The answers which posted above is not satisfied my requirement? Can some one post teh exact answer? Thanx


What are the attirbutes of DataSet?


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What are the Different layers in ADO.Net?


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i have two textboxes one for user name and another for password . i have a table name compare(which contains name,passwod etc.,)my doubt is how compare username textbox with name column and how compare password textbox with passwod column. i want the code


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types of Store procedure in Sqlserver2000?

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what purpose of Indexing creating? directly we can search the reqired row with the help of query?what is the use of indexing?

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explain connection less and with connection?diference between data reader,data set,data adapter? can we use data reader,data set in a single application? if yes explain with simple code,if no explain?

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What is the meaning of executenonquery?


What is ado oledb and odbc?


How can we load multiple tables in a dataset?


Which object needs to be closed?


What is a control toolbox?


Why do we use sqldataadapter?


Explain the overview of architecture?


What is csdl entity framework?


What is the purpose of using adodb?


Define different execute methods of ADO.NET command object ?


What is tutorial?


The answers which posted above is not satisfied my requirement? Can some one post teh exact answer? Thanx


What is connection string?


What is concurrency? How will you avoid concurrency when dealing with dataset? (One user deleted one row after that another user through his dataset was trying to update same row. What will happen? How will you avoid the problem?)


What is azure ado?