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Servlets Interview Questions
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Is Servlet Class Thread safe?????? How to make servlet Thread safe ???


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Is JSP Thread Safe ???? How To make JSP thrad safe ?????


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Difference Between Web Server and Application server ??


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how can we execute servelt? what the use ".war" or ".jar" file creation


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which method in doGet or doPost is use to send binary date to server


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why are using HttpServlet in realtime projects and why are not using Genericservlet

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what is the difference between servlets and struts?

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why are extending GenericServlet and why are extending HttpServlet explain?

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what is the difference between doGet() and doPost()?


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hi actully i hav form columns with origin and destination names .as like as i need to create one more column with name amount. my requirement is when i select origin and destination columns automatically i need to get amount from can i. please tel me with relative code



Hello, My project requirement is like I need to create a web page using MVC pattern. I hava a bean class, jsp page, servlet, service and dao. My jsp has two fields. One is dropdown list. The option values has to get populated from the database table. The other one is a text box and its value has to come from database table. As of now I have defined the fields in bean class, got the values from database using arraylists in dao class and I called this from service class. Can anyone please tell me the workflow of how the servlet will get this arraylist and populate the arraylist values as dropdown options in jsp page? Also I would like to know the role of bean class in MVC pattern? Thanks in advance!


explain filters in java?


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I have a requirement Here we have a ResultSet object that will contain 50 records i need to print those recors in to a webpage(i.e; view according to MVC architectures that mybe servlet or jsp) . Here i need to print the records 10 per page that is 1 to 10 in page one and 11 to 20 in page two like remaining will be appeared in other pages we need to display those page numbers whenever we click on that page number we will go to that page and display 10 records like we will display 5 pages it is like this << 1 2 3 4 5 next >>



My Question is that i am using tag in my servlet and after compilation after that calling by url in my browser then images are not showing. Sometime images are showing and sometime is not showing. I am using Tomcat to run my servlets. Tell me if there any specification for image in servlets or what is solution for this ??

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What is the difference between JspWriter and PrintWriter


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What are the uses of servlets?


Servlet is pure java object or not?


When a client request is sent to the servlet container, how does the container choose which servlet to invoke?


What are the type of protocols used in httpservlet?


What is the use of request dispatcher interface?


what do you understand by url rewriting?


What is servletconfig?


What are the different methods involved in generic servlet?


How can you push data from an Applet to a Servlet?


Which application server is best for java?


why we should override only no-agrs init() method.


What is the process for chaining servlet?


Why jsp is better than servlet?


What is the difference between jsp and servlet life cycle?


What is war file?