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EJB Interview Questions
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can we stop the execution of a method before completion?


Is it possible to write two EJBs that have different bean classes, but they share same Remote interface and Home interfaces?

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What are the properties in Beans?

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what are the classes you used in Beans?

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What are the design goals of EJB Architecture?

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Name the interfaces that you used in Beans?

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What are the various methods of an Entity Bean?

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What are the steps involved in creating a Bean?

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What are the transaction management benefits of the EJB architecture?

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What is BDK?

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What is Entity Bean and Session Bean?


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What is JAR file?

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What is a Java Bean?

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What is the major difference SessionBean and EntityBean?

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Where a bean can be used ?

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What is ejb in spring?


What is the difference between ejbcreate() and ejbpostcreate?


How to increase ejb transaction timeout in weblogic?


What happens when I change a value in the httpsession from inside an ejb?


What is pub/sub model?


What is a ejb container?


How do you decide whether you should use session, entity or message driven bean?


What are the differences between ejb 3.0 and ejb 2.0?


What are the basic and subtypes of enterprise java beans (ejb)?


For ejb applications with bean-managed transaction demarcations, which of the following is used by the client to get a reference to the usertransaction object for the weblogic server domain?


How does the server decide which beans to passivate and activate?


What is stateful or stateless?


What is stateless ejb?


What is the full form of ejb in java?


Which of the recommended practices to be performed in the ejbpassivate() method of a stateful session bean?