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EJB Interview Questions
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can we stop the execution of a method before completion?


Is it possible to write two EJBs that have different bean classes, but they share same Remote interface and Home interfaces?

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What are the properties in Beans?

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what are the classes you used in Beans?

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What are the design goals of EJB Architecture?

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Name the interfaces that you used in Beans?

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What are the various methods of an Entity Bean?

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What are the steps involved in creating a Bean?

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What are the transaction management benefits of the EJB architecture?

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What is BDK?

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What is Entity Bean and Session Bean?


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What is JAR file?

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What is a Java Bean?

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What is the major difference SessionBean and EntityBean?

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Where a bean can be used ?

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Is it legal to have static initializer blocks in ejb?


Enlist the changes in EJB 2.1 ?


can we stop the execution of a method before completion?


What do you mean by ejbdoclet?


In what format is the conversational data written to the disk?


What is the difference between session and entity beans? When should I use one or the other?


What do you mean by ejb?


What is the advantage of using entity bean for database operations, over directly using jdbc api to do database operations? When would I use one over the other?


How do I use a less than or greater than on a message selector in ejb-jar.xml?


What are stateless functions?


What are transaction isolation levels in ejb?


Mention the three levels for applying interceptor methods.


What are the attributes of transaction in ejb?


What ejb means?


What is a stateless session?