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What is BDK?

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What is BDK?..

Answer / janet

BDK , Bean Development Kit is a tool that enables to
create,configure and connect a set of Beans and it can be
used to test Beans without writing a code.

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What is BDK?..

Answer / anjani kumar pandey

BDK Stands for Bean Development Kit.
It provides an environment to create a new bean,configure
the bean & connect a set of beans.
It can be used for Tesing the java beans.

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What is BDK?..

Answer / baba

The Beans Development Kit (BDK) is intended to support the early development of JavaBeansTM components and to act as a standard reference base for both bean developers and tool vendors. The BDK provides a reference bean container, the "BeanBox" and a variety of reusable example source code (in the demo and beanbox subdirectories) for use by both bean developers and tools developers.

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