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Core Java Interview Questions
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Why sleep()is in Thread and wait() in Object class? Why can't I have both in one class or vice versa?

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This is related to threads. I have a class with synchronized method m1(). Can I create different instances of this class and execute the m1() for different threads?

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Advantages of Inheritance in java.

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what is the output??????? public class multireturn { public(int assign x ( int x) { if(4==x) { return 7; } else if (7=x+3) { return 6; } return 5; } }


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how a marker interface gets its functionality and when we implements a marker interface how it got invoked

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how to handle a singleton service locator. when multiple threads are trying to get the singleton object in same time

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What code optimizations techniques you follow in general practice?

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System.out.println("somestring"); It will create any object or not


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________ exception must be either caught or specified in throws class of the method.

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Every class extends object but why it is not possible for every object to invoke clone() method. ideally protected methods should be accessible from sub classes. isn't it?

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Difference between JVM and JRE?


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Diff between Comparator and Comparable?

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what is the difference between object and class


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There are 2 different ways to create an object. a)By using keyword "new" b)By using Class.forName ("className").newInstance(); What is the difference between these 2 methods.

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Is it possible to create object with out its default constructor? if possible how? else not possible? justify

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What is an infinite loop?


Explain scope or life time of local variables in java?


What is exception propagation?


Why is the main method declared static?


Why is java architectural neutral?


What is a variable and constant?


What is the difference between conversation & casting?


Give the difference between the println method and sqrt method?


What are streams in java 8?


Is array synchronized in java?


What are different types of constants?


What is anagram number?


What are scriptlets?


What is the difference between static method and instance method in Java?


What is prime number in java?