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Core Java Interview Questions
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Can we place the any object to key attribute of HashMap?


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Hi friends, i am new to java. can you explain how java is secured.

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Hi Friends, can u give me Real Time example for interface and abstract class.(With Banking Example)

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when to use ArrayList and when to use HashMap in webApplication.

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what is main difference between architecture,framework and design pattren

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Hi Friends, can you explain instance in java. In general instance means "occurence of something" . In java what is instance.

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Hi Friends, I am beginner in java. what i know about synchonized keyword is,If more that one 1 thread tries to access a particular resource we can lock the method using synchronized keyword. Then after that how the lock is released and how next thread access that.Please explain with example.

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Hi Friends, can you give difference between extending thread class and implementing runnable interface.

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what is an object class?Explain its methods?

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Hi Friends, I am new to java. Can u explain about thread concept.How i know one thread is locked, and how can i force or acquire another thread for lock . Finally how to know thread is released from lock. Explain types of lock(like method level and block level) in thread.

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I have a sorting issue with a Hashmap. My constraint is that I MUST use the Hashmap and work with existing code. I do a database query and place the results in a Hashmap. When I iterate thru the Hashmap, it loses the original alphabetical sorting done by the database. So, my problem is that I must sort the results coming out of the Hashmap which is then placed into another class.

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What is Session and cookies?Explain in detail with an example?

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I need to know about complete topic in java's collections i with an examples


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Real Time sample code for Encapsulation and Abstraction. where to use abstract and where to use specifies like public private.

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What will happen inside init() in servlet. my interviewer asked servlet lifecycle. i said "once servlet is loaded in to memory init() will be called which performs servlet initialization " . Again interview asked what values will be initialized . what is difference between init() and init(ServletConfig config).

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How do you calculate square roots?


How many bits is size_t?


How do you convert boolean to boolean?


What is a Transient Object?


Is java call by reference?


What is locale in java?


What is a for loop in java?


Explain the Propertie sof class?


What is the difference between superclass and subclass?


What is final, finally, finalize?


There are two classes named classa and classb. Both classes are in the same package. Can a private member of classa can be accessed by an object of classb?


Is arraylist an object in java?


Which collection allows duplicate values in java?


What is the point of polymorphism java?


What is a dot notation?