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Core Java Interview Questions
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whether java is fully object oriented language or partially object oriented language

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while creating thread why we extend thread class

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How HashMap implemented in java? how it internally works when values are added or searched from hashMap?What is the difference betweenthe implementation of hashmap and Linked Hashmap?


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what is mean by synchronization?

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what is mean by thread lock?

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I declared main() method as private. But it still running and displaying the output. Please Answer it . Code Snippet as Below: import*; class over { private static void main(String[] args) { int high = Integer.MAX_VALUE; int overflow = high + 1; int low = Integer.MIN_VALUE; int underflow = low - 1; System.out.println(high + "\n" +overflow +"\n"+ low +"\n"+underflow); //System.out.println(overflow); //System.out.println(low); //System.out.println(underflow); } }

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Hi Every One I Have Small Doubt Please answer This???????????????????????????? I Want to use AbstractList class methods(java.util.AbstractList) My Program is import java.util.*; class DemoOne extends AbstractList { public static void main(String[] args) { AbstractList a=new DemoOne();//This One is Correct?? DemoOne a1=new DemoOne();//This One is Correct?? Both Are Not Working System.out.println("Hello World!"+a); System.out.println("Hello World!"+a1); } } Error IS: DemoOne is not abstract and does not override abstract method get(int) in java.util.AbstractList class DemoOne extends AbstractList AnyOne can Please Provide The Solution????????????????????????? Plzzzzzzz

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how system.out.println() works?

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In Inheritance if we are implementing Multi level inheritance and all class having same name of variable and now i want to access each class variable and how it is possible?

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What is the alternate of 'Inheritance' ?

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explain how many oops concepts available in java with realtime scenarios?


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int a=1,b=10; System.out.println(a+b--);


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1) Find the Merge point of two linked lists. 2) Swap two bits of integer. 3) Reverse individual words of the sentence. 4) Reverse string without using temp string.


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what is object slice?


why did you choose your career in IT?


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What is the major difference between linkedlist and arraylist?


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How do you remove spaces in java?


How do you read a char in java?


Break statement can be used as labels in java?


What is data type example?


What is the difference between yielding and sleeping?


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Is list ordered in java?


What is difference between stringbuffer and string?


Can we extend a class with private constructor?


Why Do I Get A "permission Denied" Error After Downloading The .jnlp Java Launcher For The Vkvm?


Do you know how to reverse string in java?


What is the difference between public, private, protected, and friend access?


What are the important methods of java exception class?