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Microsoft Related AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Root ?


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What is ROM (Read-Only Memory) ?

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What is Domain. ?

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How to confgiure sccm in AD for synchronization

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Why to use DNS? DIfference between differtial backup and Incremental backup with example ? what is difference between arp and rarp ? What is difference beteen windows 2003 and windows 2008 server? What is diff betwen exchange server 2003 and exchange server 2007? Which protocol work behind active directory?

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1)Microsoft Office's personal information manager is........ a)Outlook b)Internet Explorer c)Organizer d)Access

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what is the capacity of MS outlook and Outlook Express?


What is the maximum number of fields of data form, can be displayed in a worksheet of MS Excel Program? (a)16; (b)24; (c)32; (d)48.

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MicroSoft Dynamics Axapta does it become famous now a days? Is getting more calls in future? in Hyderabad which institute is best? can you please tell me about this?


Using APIPA (Automatic Private Internet Protocol Address) a network can be formed or no?

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What is the difference between a domain and a workgroup?

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if Paint Application shows error masg what we do?


active directory


which is the best ineptitude for MSBI in hyderabad?



which is the best ineptitude for sqlserver dba in hyderabad?



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Can you tell what is the purpose of user32.dll?


How is xaml used? : xaml


What is the difference between microsoft edge and internet explorer?


What is the purpose of krne32.dll?


how to auto generate the text box using infopath?


Assuming that locks are the only reason due to which deadlocks can occur in a system. What would be a foolproof method of avoiding deadlocks in the system.


What is SNMP ?


Is microsoft autoupdate a virus?


1.How can data be developed on Microsoft excel 2. what is the importance of Microsoft Excel to the society


hi i want to retrieve the data from one spread sheet to another workbook in EXCEL VBA. for exmp:customer details first name last name location state country country code mobile customer details raj krishna hyderabad andhra india 91 0 service required refrigirator company color details cost warranty service required samsung silver double door fridge 45000 3yeras


What is a solution explorer in visual studio?


What is the functionallity difference between radio/option buttons and a drop-down list box besides appearence? i.e. When it is better to use one instead of the other?


How does xaml relate to other web service standards? : xaml


What is Video Conferencing ?


Hi, can anyone tell me what is the difference between SYSVOL and NTDS folder in AD? I know SYSVOL is for shared information between Domain controllers, but isn't AD database shared as well? Don't they use the same DB which is stored in NTDS folder? I know SYSVOL size is much smaller than NTDS', but what is it for? Does it contain a part of NTDS folder? If so, what namely? Thanks