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Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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< DL Compact > tag is used for


How many types of list exist in the HTML

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An image map is a collection of


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HTML is a subset of

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Which tag is used to break a line

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< No Frames > tag is used for


Which tag is used to create the frame

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Ordered List tag is

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Which tag is used to create table row

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what diffrence between procedure and function?

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I would like to know which institute in hyderabad provides best ms-dot net training along with a project. I want to join immediately. please help

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hi This is radhika.Can anyone help me to know the question papers of NATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE for the post of scientific officer/engineer? if anyone know plz tell me question paper pattern


what do you man by firmware

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how can we implement locks in plsql?


What is nocopy in plsql?

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Q2. A memory location has physical address D5687h. Compute: a. The offset address if the segment number is D445h. b. The segment number if the offset address is B577h.


how do u handle table control inbdc explain the process in steps iwant the answer in urgent please forward this even i know how to explain there


I need source code for Enrollment System using Visual Basic 6.0/2008 database MS Access 2007 for my school thesis project...please help me..kindly send in my email


5. How do you round the addition or subtraction of two numbers in assembler?


hoe to data grid use in sql server 2000?


what is the difference between an OS(operating system) and Framework?


Can we write a method in JSP.If so how?


how to study PHP my own? i reffered many sites.. but as being a fresher i couldnt follow those... which site will be the best one?


what is the current salary package in India for a lamp programmer


Need provab technical test questions


give idea for creating screen in abap


Write a shell program to test whether a given year is leap year or not ?


how can we implement locks in plsql?


How do you initialize a static member of a class with return value of some function?


what is woransient key word? how it is used in java