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Fashion Modelling AllOther Interview Questions
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What famous exhibition did Prince Albert organise for London in 1851?


What is a Pardessus?

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Who discovered aniline dyes used to produce bright fashionable fast colours?

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Who was the first real haute couturier of Victorian England?

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What was a tailor-made?

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What was the Grecian bend?

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Who developed 'scientific' theories about the use of hygienic dress and of wearing wool, next to the body?

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What was the Married Woman's Property Act 1887?

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What fashion silhouette caught on in the late 1860s and ousted the crinoline?

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What was Aesthetic dress?

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Where did people in Britain purchase aesthetic dress?

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Name the famous male Aesthete of the Victorian Era who died in Reading Gaol.

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What was a bathing machine used for?

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What was promenading?

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What were 'uglies'?

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What was a mameluke?


What are the steps involved in Range planning?


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What is the date of the Georgian era?


Which British writers popularised Romantic images in women which were soon translated into romantic fashion in Britain?


Which are the main cultural reasons in the change of fashion?


What was a poloniase?


Explain Mass Dissemination in fashion adoption?


What kind of decoration was used on these simple empire dresses?


What famous exhibition did Prince Albert organise for London in 1851?


Which fashion designer won't use animal products such as leather in fashion clothes or accessories?


Which new invention by James Hargreaves in 1764 eventually wiped out the domestic industry of spinning yarns?


What does Philip Treacy mainly design?


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What is fashion forecasting?