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Fashion Modelling AllOther Interview Questions
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Which fashion house has always designed glorious exotic colourful prints since the 1960s?

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Which year was the first face lift done?

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Which designer brought messages on T-shirts into mainstream fashion when she protested against nuclear missiles in the 1980s?

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Name three items that teddy boys would have worn?

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Which fabric is flax fibre made into?

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What C19th fashion item was called a Coal scuttle?

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Which Queen wore widow?s weeds until she died in the C20th?

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When was the Cage Crinoline or Artificial Crinoline invented?

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What does 'crin 'mean?

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Which material was used in such vast quantities in the 1890s that Courtaulds built a textile empire on the sales of it alone?

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How long was widow expected to mourn in the Victorian era?

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What were engageantes?

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Describe articles that were called either a tournure or a bustle?

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What was Amelia Bloomer famous for?

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What fabric style did Queen Victoria help make popular?

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Write short note on fashion forecasting


who invented the new look in 1947


Write notes on fashion accessories?


What is Fashion Cycle?


When was Napoleon Bonaparte crowned Emperor of France? Which of his wives was great fashion leader and icon of the day?


Discuss the various Social Aspects of Fashion.


What word was being used to replace stays around 1800 in both England and America?


What was a pannier?


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hello frnds i m nishant i want to know about reebok instructor certificate course should i do it what are the job opportunities is there any educational qualificatin criteria i m 12th passout plz frnds reply me soon


What are the Psychological Aspects of Fashion? Explain.


What was a Beret sleeve?


What was a mameluke?


i'm just a beginner and i'm going to attend a serious casting. i know there are some very important things every model must care in her bag wherever she goes. so what are this things? thanks in advance!


Explain Mass Dissemination in fashion adoption?