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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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i am brijesh i geting annul packge 600000 can u help me how much i give tax to government

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In financial management why we calculate the cost of debt, (cost of capital) while rate of interest is given.


What will be the entry in book, stock get destroyed in fire of Rs. 1,00,000/- in two circumstances i) Stock is insured. ii) and stock is un-insured.

ANM Associates,

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what is live stock?

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How does the rendering of services on account affect the accounting equation? a. Liabilities increase; stockholder’s equity decreasesb. Assets increase; liabilities increase c. Assets decrease; stockholder’s equity increases d. Assets increase; stockholder’s equity increases

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why do you think you are sutable candidate for this post


Hi, I am preparing for Junior Accounts Officers test- APTRANSCO. Can any one suggest the model paper / Books available? Many Thanks in Advance Lakshmi


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what is revaluation of assets and liabilities?


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what are the Bank Vouchers?how it is entered in books of accounts?

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what is undisclosed profit? explain


How baddebts effects in trial balance and balancesheet?

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Explain "basic fundamental Assumptions"?

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give the examples of Error of Duplication?and Error of compensatin? with entries


Explain significance of Nastro and Vastro in accounts?


what is ERP packages?

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what is futures and options?


Comments Elements in accounting


what is budgetory control and what are the types


company accounts introduction?


Where the Cost of labour, Material used and sales scrap (if sales given)get effect in balance sheet


what tax will be on puchasing of sweets and is necessery to use form 38.


last date of tds deposit yearly,tds proforma challan


can anybody send me interview question&answer to me in accounts and finance and income




we want all sbi previous questions papers in our e.mail krishna2043 on yahoo


someone plz plz plzz.. send me the sample papers for SBI clerical xams... i need it very badly..


Why in partnership fundamental question will add Partnership salary for the year and per month salry add in the cr. Side of the p/l app a/c


does MIS reports are used in Tally n Focus software? if yes how it is used in focus software? for AR n AP


what is the main link between the income statement and the balance sheet?


How can a Society be converted to a Private Limited Company in the Real Estate Industry and at the same time have the least tax liability upon it's profits earned during the financial year closing