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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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How do we determine Market Value of shares?


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How do we treat grants that are received in advance of the period when they are to be spent?

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How do you assess the value of intangible assets such as copyrights and logos?

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How do you identify the amount of realised gain or loss on the disposal of an investment asset?

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How do you value freehold property investment assets?

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Are service charges made on tenants' property rental to be regarded as incoming resources?

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Can grants made in stage payments but not yet received be accrued as grants receivable?

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What information needs to be disclosed in accounts?

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Do assets have to be analysed between funds?

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Who would NOT be considered "independent" in the context of an independent examiner?

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Is fee income unrestricted income or restricted income?

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Does the Summary Income and Expenditure account in the Charities SORP comply with the Companies Act 1985?

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why a fixed cost is said to be fixed?


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vwhy a variable cost is said to be variable?

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What is the significance of the function y = a + bx?

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what is the main link between the income statement and the balance sheet?


what is undisclosed profit? explain


can i have practical examples of AS-30


Short Answer on ______________Import Trade


What is Merger?


what is Tds %,Service tax %,Cess %,and ESI,PF %,and what is the use of this.




how many types of practice accounts?


where does the closing stock appears in the trial balance?


what is the difference between accounts manager and finance manager?


which is the combine entry in ERP?


closing stock at the end is comprised of %a purchase price of $60000,10% discount and 15% import duty.The stock can be sold for $70000 after incurring costs of $1950.Included in the purchase price is abnormal wastage of $2000.Transportation costs are $1000 and storage costs are $500,what is the value of the closing stock?


What is accounts payable?


Can someone tell me about SAP FI/CO test questions?WHat are the main things we must know?


Hi, Please post in here the Aptitude Test Questions given in companies like Thomson, Reuters, GMS, JP Morgan, Northern Trust Bank etc.