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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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a) what are the rate of employees & company's contribution for PF & ESIC? b) what is the ceiling in case of ESI deductions? c) what are the due dates for paying ESI/PF

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Calculate the profit/loss on sale of the following assets as on 30th september 2000 cost of the asset on 01.05.95 50000/- Salvage Value 5000/- Method of depriciation & date WDV 15% sales of asset on 30.09.2000 Rs 25000/-

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Name any 3 heads shown under assets side of balance sheet.

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An advance of Rs 10000/- is received from customer. pass necessary journal entries

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Under which headings the following transaction appear in bank reconciliation as on 30.06.03 particulars Interest debited by bank Chq issued to suppliers not appearing in bank statement Chq deposited not appearing in bank statement Income not accounted in books appearing in bank statement

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Interest of Rs.30000/- is received from deposits Tds of Rs 7500/- is deducted by the bank please pass the necessary entry for the same

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Professional fees of Rs.30000/- is paid to a consultant ABC & Co. please pass the necessary entry for the same

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Where does TDS payable & receivable appear in the books of accounts

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information about IBM.


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what amounts to appropriation of profits? When provision for taxation does not amount to appropriation of profits?


When is proposed divided a current Liability and when is it non-current liability? Why is it in the list of Current Capital Accounts?


What will be entry if company purchase a dog for ware house?

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Which asset is depreciated in tangible?

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send me bank exams solved question paper


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bank exam paper

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is anybody attended interview in ernst&young for EMS PROCESS , pls let me know abt the written test and what type of report writing


What's the meaning of Preferential Creditor?


whether unsecured loans written off can be transferred directly to capital reserve without crediting it to profit and loss account


I want to know how to get Appeared to the examination of State bank of India. And how can i find the question Book Series.




plz tell me the finance questions asked in hsbc latest question asked in hsbc?


what is a reducing balance method and depreciation fund investment method and 2 diffrences?


What is the Purpose of Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement?


how to prepare the balance sheet of private ltd. company & what roll should be play by Income tax, compnay law & accounting standard in India & world.


What si the differance between REVENUE and PROFIT?


How can fictitious assets be measured or valued?


explain about mergers & aquisitions? asked on 30/7/09


bill to addres? ship to addres? rimit to address?


what is the difference between planned and non planned budgt


What is PE ratio formula ?