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Trading account reveals---------Profit and loss account reveals ---------

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Provision of Bad Debts is made in compliance with the convention of -----------


Amount received on sale of old news paper --------receipt

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--------is prepared to ascertain the cost of goods manufactured

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Carriage outwards will appear on -----------side of---------

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Huge advertising expenses on the introduction of a new product in the market. The expenditure is called ---------

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While closing the accounts at the year end Closing stock is shown on ---------------and-----------

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Cheque is a----------negotiable instrument

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what are share warrants?

Capital IQ,

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Hello Everbody....this saturday i attended the interview of times job fair...were capgemini has called me for technical round ..I am bcom graduate with tally an SAP FICO....Can any body help me ... I wan to know what is this technical round...An what they may ask me ......if any body have question an answer kindly send to my id ..that is contact me to my number ..+919900410314.Or any body have friends working in capgemini bangalore?Please i need urgent help...thnak you with regards adnan hasan


what is the need for accounting standard?

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How many accounting standards issued by ICAI?

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What do you mean by Adjustment


what is bad debt

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what are the purpose for the preparation of cost centre ?


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what is the use of special general ledger if the normal trasaction in usage.


Dear All, Could any body send me the format of Delivery Challan? What is Even Transfer and Branch Transfer?Please let me know if any body knows?


Truck # 3 has a list price of 16000. It is acquired in exchange for a computer system that company A caries in its inventory. The computer system cost 12000 and is normally sold by company A for 15200. Pass the journal for the same.


At Present Situation in sensex market is low, It converts the whole human being life into the depth. When and how it will change? Is it possible?


Is advance paid wages has credit balance?


can anybody send me interview question&answer to me in accounts and finance and income


How to increase our credit rating score quickly?


does MIS reports are used in Tally n Focus software? if yes how it is used in focus software? for AR n AP


How can we display last five years sales in tally


Why does one need a broker?




What exactly is derivatives segment. can u explain futures and options with examples...


am attend to bank exam(iob)pls send model questions


plz send me the apptitude question papers of wipro