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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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The Analysis of flow of funds through an organization can be very useful to the managment. Elucidate


what are the customization u have done in sap mm


Can anyone give comparative data of NPA(non performing assets) of nationalised banks or BANKS IN INDIA for the last 5-10 years if possible with bifurcation substandard doubtful loss asset


how we will prepare n file income tax returns for individuals?explain


plz tell me the finance questions asked in hsbc latest question asked in hsbc?


which name written in Tan application form Applicant is sole proprieter companies name or individual name?


if you fix salary to some body for Rs.10000/- what are the segregations to be done and what are the deductions to be done (segregations like basic, da,ta,conveyance etc., how ? what percentage what speaks law) and deductions what are those like, pf,esi,pt, etc., what ever


what is the difference between Tally ERP and SAP FI ECC?


after payment of interest of a loan account by using credit note voucher in tally 9........don't anyone thinks that we have to adjust the cash account by passing cr entry on journal for interest payment...


What is the difference between horizontal balence sheet & vertical balence sheet explain in detail.




Purchased goods worth @25000 at 10% trade discount from seven who paid 200/- as carriage on behalf of prabhakar


i want the steps involved in the customization for the process order. my situations is if i take the process order for x qty then stores people can issue only x qty not less or not more. how to do this. pls help me


Paid vehicle insurance of Rs 12000 on 1-1-2009. Pass entry at the of payment and also create prepaid insurance account