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What prior experience do you have that you think will be useful in this role?


who is the founder of inorganic chemistry


Why we calibrate pH meter with buffer 4,7 and 9.2



what is hi... meaning


Is there any method (like format and font type,font size) to prepare the documents in pharma or biotech companies?


Hello sir /ma'am... Plz help me out..... I selected in ADO THE LIC.... Every people saying this is bad job..is this right? Whether should I join or not?


I am Umi, my question is I am very low confident person in my life all time m think m not suitable for this job or work, n my English also not good enough for backend n HR profile jobs that's why still I have job less n I am disappointed my self.

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Malawi has been facing a number of disasters ranging from floods, drought, strong winds and others. What kind of crops research organisations can help in the finding out of the best crops to plant in these scenario for the rural farmers to follow.

Focus, Focus Softnet,


write the test case for actitime application?


What are the test cases for booking one ticket for same movie, for same time but many users.



Dear Sir, We we purchase we are charges by the our customer 5 Vat.When we are selling out side State we are charging 2 % cst for Registered dealer.My question is on 100*5=5 Total 105.for a procust. If we are selling the same product for Rs.120*2 for Against C Form.The cost of the item.RS.120*2.24.If C form issuing the value of the Forms is required and how % is the value.This is for costing purpose.



Pl. Brief scope for Bsc nursing in India


I have an experience of 6yrs in non voice bpo sector. M bbm graduate. I feel it is not an long term secure job, here v can stay maximum 35-40 with maximum salary of 25 to 30k.. my question is what is next.. what after 40yrs..? Plz suggest me for my future step... do u guys want me to sstay with it.. or want me to step another industry.. if yes.. what are the options..?



the earliest extant coins of India were of-

UPPSC Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission,

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i am B.E Civil engineer 2 year exp in construction i want to job in singapore so pls tell me any best and trust oversea consultancy in chennai plzs help me


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Can you tell me which coaching classes is best for banking in chennai?


how is ipr different from other material possession like house,car,etc of a person?


hello frnds,I am B.E graduate and also worked 5 yrs in real state sector as an engineer.I want to come in Gov.SEC.I cleared SBI cleark 2009 exam 1st round.Pls send me some question that can be asked in interview.I have to clear the interview dear ,no other way.Pls help me.God will blesss u for this help.need IMMEDIATE RESPONSE,PLS.


Hi i have been selected in federal bank Po exam can somebody throw some light on what type of interview questions are expected??


what % of education in pakistan 2011?


how one should introduce himself in ssb interview?


Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?


explain about the TIBCO Soap BW pallette


Does any one has the last question papers/questions related to voluntary retirement scheme (or) safety related retirement scheme (SRRS)? If not please let me know the pattern of test? Thanks in advance. Regards, Sudhakar


what are the environmental problems associated with the match industry?


How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?


sir I have received a email from marutisuzuki forsalary rs.40000 to 50000/- before the interview the e mail says I deposit 15000/- for security deposit. Is it OK ? or is it fake interview email? Iam new to job interview


I was in 3rd year B.TECH.What I am saying is I want to get job in 4th year campus.Can anyone know about what books should I refer to crack the aptitude tests,please tell me.Thank u guys


Upto How many years you’ll work for us?


what are your major limitation