Fashion Modelling Interview Questions
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i am a model....from nigeria and i need a fashion or any modelling job....anywere on earth



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i am 16. i want to be a model but i don't know the procedures to get in. i live in poona but soon i'll be shifting to madras. i am wheatish in colour, 38 kgs and moderate looking. so do i have the chances to be a model? is chennai a good place to start my career? and what are the procedures to get in? i am really confused and helpless, can anyone help me pls?

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height of a good model


i m 16 years old girl a student of 11th class. i m 5 fit 3 inches long.i m having a gud personality with a attractive face.i m from a small city.i belongs to a bacward thinking parents did'nt support me.i want to be an actress or a choreographer or a model. i m a good plze any one tell me what should i do for starting my career?

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why u want to be a model ?


how to choose a different and easy and most interesting theme for making a garment collection????????


hi iam kalyani want to become model. what is size nipples r preffered in modelling and what r the vital stats and sizes?

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Hi everybody,my name is sudhanshu and i'm 16 yrs old.I am 5'7ft tall,got good looks,also have six pack abs(i'm not kidding).I always dreamt of being a successful model and sometimes spends whole days thinking about modelling,you know such as posing different looks,walking practice,many times i asked my younger take my snaps via cell phones and all that.Can anyone please guide me about how can i make a successful career in modelling and fashion industry,I want to know from where should I start and what should be my basic steps.I would really appreciate if you guys help me.Thankyou

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i am 24 year old boy . want to become model tell me the way to enter in this glamrous world.

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my height is 5'9 inch and i am thin can i become model


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i am himachli boy want to make my carrier in ramp modelling how i fulfill my dream

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i am very much confident to my self to become a super model but i need guidance.

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no doubt it is very difficult to become amodel from the people who belong to small town .


how can i enter in ramp modelling.


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What was a poloniase?


i'm just a beginner and i'm going to attend a serious casting. i know there are some very important things every model must care in her bag wherever she goes. so what are this things? thanks in advance!


height of a good model


Which British writers popularised Romantic images in women which were soon translated into romantic fashion in Britain?


Which cathedral had to have its doors raised by four feet in 1776 so that gentry could enter without mishap to their coiffures?


What was a pannier?


what type of variety we need in clothes


please post answers as fast as you can i am in a urgent need for an i nterview in a fashion company. 1. Briefly describe your ideal job? 2. Why did you choose this career? 3. What goals do you have in your career? 4. How do you plan to achieve these goals? 5. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure? 6. Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline.What were the repercussions? 7. Do you have reference list? 8. Why do you want to work here? 9. Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed? 11. How soon can you travel down to start your new Job?


Name two exotic dances that took off globally in the 1990s and encouraged women to wear prettier dresses?


What was a tippet?


i can work under any condition for my carrier in ramp modelling


When was Napoleon Bonaparte crowned Emperor of France? Which of his wives was great fashion leader and icon of the day?


Hello sir/Madam, i am intrested in modelling, as i am 27 yrs old. please sujjest me some idea or the tips ,help me out. Regards Sharath.k


i want to do interior designing. is there scope for it????? what would be the starting salary????? i have completed my f.y sould i do it part time?????? i am doing from iitc. soud i go ahead????


What was a chemisette?