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i m 16 years old girl a student of 11th class. i m 5 fit 3
inches long.i m having a gud personality with a attractive
face.i m from a small city.i belongs to a bacward thinking parents did'nt support me.i want to be an actress
or a choreographer or a model. i m a good plze
any one tell me what should i do for starting my career?

i m 16 years old girl a student of 11th class. i m 5 fit 3 inches long.i m having a gud personalit..

Answer / aman thakur

Hi, I am Aman Thakur from Chandigarh, a professional
photographer, doing photography for some famous magazines
like maxim, lucky, top model etc. We want a fresh face for
MNCs, if u want to try ur luck, then send me ur latest
general photographs at my email address........

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