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Taxation Interview Questions
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Till the Discounted bill is paid by acceptor it remains. 1) A contigent liabilities for the acceptor. 2) A contigent Liabilities for the Drawer. 3) A contigent Liabilities for the bank 4) A contigent Liabilites for drawer

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Net Worth is: 1)total Assets less outside laibilities 2)Total liabilities plus owners equity fund 3)Current Assets less current liabilities 4)Total accumalted profit less liabilities

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when cash recd. for services rendered in the past: 1)owner equity increase 2)current assets increase 3)profit increase 4)none of the above

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when an endorsed bill dishonored, for the endorsee, it become the laibility? 1)of the drawee 2)of the drawer 3)of the payee 4)of the indorser

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life memebership fees receved by an non profit organisation is treated as: 1)Revenue Receipt 2)capital receipt 3)deferred revenue receipt 4)both revenue and capital receipt

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Hi All, I am working one company under contractual employee & My CTC is 9000 per month & take home salary is 8100, they are deducting 900/- as TDS per month on my salary, as i aware that, no TDS will be deduct below 160000 per year, can you plz post the answer or mail me on my mail id ( ( Thanks in Advance to all. Hope you have correct answer & you will post as soon as possible.

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When VAT 14.5% is applicable and when Work contract tax 4% is applicable? Is both are same?

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What should be the TDS Deduction for technical consultancy received from Malta to an Indian Company

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I have raised and rendered services in Nepal and received the TDS Certificate in Nepal Currency Can i cliam this TDS in India ? or Nepal /

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IF WE PAY AUDITOR FEE FOR INCORPORATION WORK THEN UNDER WHAT GROUP IT COMES IN TALLY. 2. any other audit fee we paid suppose at the time of financal report preparing then it will comes at the same group or any other

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Sir, My mother has got a sum of money about 5 lacs in the form of pension arrears. Will she have to pay the income tax on this amount which is deposited in her bank account & if it is then please suggest me to save the tax at maximum possible.

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what rate is entry tax is it same for all states

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Our Company dedduct TDS on the collection charge and claim (rate diff claim, scheme claim, collection charge means , if any party take material directly form our store our company give them frieght charge and deduct tds@10.30%). my question in what category of this type of TDS decution ? is it payment to contractor or what ?


What are the accounting entries to be passed for TDS if person who is assessed is a Firm (or) Proprietorship (or) Company (or) person? Eg: I (CDE & Co) paid Rs. 1,00,000/- through ICICI Bank after deducting 10% of the amount (Rs. 10,000/-) as TDS (Tax Deducted as Source) to “ABC & Co” (i would like to know the entry to be posted in "CDE & Co" and "ABC & Co")

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What is the accounting entry to be posted for TDS if the assess is Firm (or) Company (or) Proprietorship (or) Individual? eg: I (CDE & Co) paid Rs. 1,00,000/- through ICICI Bank after deducting 10% of the amount (Rs. 10,000/-) as TDS (Tax Deducted as Source) to “ABC & Co” (What entry should i pass in "CDE & Co" and "ABC & Co")

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What's format of CMO & CMA Data?


The company i approached asked me that they are registered Manufacturer to market fire extinguishers. They have both VAT & CST registration. When they supply material out of state i.e. under "C" form, to a Dealer who is also registered with CST and who can issue "C" form but for product paint. Will the "C" form issued by the Dealer be acceptable to us. What law governs, since the dealer is not registered to trade in Fire Extinguishers? In the first instance will he be able to issue "C" form at all i.e. Will the government allow him to issue "C" Form, if so under what norms? In the case that my company is the Dealer and registered for trading in Paint and we are taking Fire Extinguisher Dealership will I get set-off in "C" form for purchase and Sale. Kindly let me know on


if cst sales and purchase is completed and we issue c form and received c form also.but in next month both sales and purchase are return. my question is how to pass reverse entry when c forms issue/receive. how it cst return also.


calculation of Tds on subcontractor


what is excise duty and how can we mantain its account in outgoing and incoming of bill status.


M paying salary of Rs. 22500/-, 21500/- & 17500/- to my employees, frm June 2010. I still have not deduct TDS from their salary. I have not applied for TAN No. M also paying rent of Rs. 50,000/- pm. And also have not deducted TDS on it. What should I do now?


How can I Proceed to my client regarding Advertisement Bill as we are dealing in advertising agency and also clear us can we deduct TDS on their bill? For Example we receive a bill from The Sandesh Ltd. of Rs. 50000/- and they do not mention service tax in the bill. So, Kindly provide the Guidelines regarding This Problem.


how to generate H-form and procedure for generate?


1. What is a bad credit score? 2. What does my credit score mean? 3. Can I check my Vantage credit score range online? 4. Should I have perfect credit score, that is, above 800 credit score? 5. With a 600 credit score, how to improve my credit rating score? 6. How to raise my credit score if I have 500 credit score? 7. How to increase your credit rating score quickly? 8. How can I find out my credit rating score for free? 9. Home Equity Loans ? 10. Calculate Mortgage? 11. Mortgage Payment? 12. Mortgage Payment Problems? 13. Other Mortgage Questions? 14. What is Home Loan Modification? 15. What is the entry for deprecation? 16. What is Merger? What is Acquisition? What are motive behind mergers And acquisitions? 17. What is Demat Account? what is the use of it? 18. What is EPS? 19. What is the difference between Risk, Threat & Hazard? 20. what is minority interest? 21. what is portfolio Saint? 22. What is the Difference between hire purchase and a finance Lease? 23. What is Demat Account? what is the use of it? 24. Up to what time we can show TDS Receivables under Advance Income Tax A/c? 25. WHAT IS PROSPECTUS? 26. WHO ARE THE PROMOTERS? 27. WHAT IS DERIVATIVE? 28. WHAT IS A SHARE? 29. WHAT IS PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT? 30. What is Accounting? 31. Re: what is the entry for rent paid to company, provision for taxes in your books? BY RENT PAID A/C DR. TO TDS ON RENT A/C CR TO CASH/BANK A/C CR 1. What is dishonor check? 2. New emlpoyee was joined on 15th Jan and salary paid on 28th Feb amt of Rs.20000/- and asked to give the Journal entry for the Month of Jan, Fed and March (His Monthly Salary is Rs.8000/-) ? 3. I KNOW THAT INSURANCE CHARGES ON PURCHASE OF VEHILE (LIGHT/HEAVY VEHICLES)HAS BEEN CAPITALISED OR NOT.? 4. Expand---------SDRT? 5. What is difference between profit, revenue? 6. why balance sheet should tally? 7. What is BRS? What is the use of BRS? 8. Please let me know the journal entry for the below. "A" paid Rs.100 to "C" on behalf of "B"? 9. what is purchase consideration? 10. expand P P Division ? 11. Stale Cheque entry in the books & when it reissued again then Entry in the books.? 12. what is cost accounting ? 13. what is mean by credit purchase? 14. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF BLUE CHIP COMPANY? 15. what is buy back of share & why a company go for it? 16. What is the types of accounts & it's rules ? 17. what is reconciliation ? 18. EXPAND______________RTA? 19. what is depreciation? 20. EXPAND______________IDBI? 21. what is difference between nominal and real account ? 22. what is the concept of finance accounting?




how to calculate entry tax interest rate 2011-2012 assessment pending amt. is Rs.32000


How many turnover company active TAN no applicable and how many deduction % of service.


If I have bought goods from a seller in India and finally exported it to some other country, my understanding says I have to issue form H to seller to get cst exemption. My question is wether Bill of lading is must to be given to seller or not bcos if I give bill of lading to the seller from whom i haave bought material confidential information will go to seller as bill of lading will have buyers details...pls guide how to overcome this issue.


What is supporting documents enclosed & must be required to Submit of quarterly & Yearly Sale Tax Return (Haryana)