Taxation Interview Questions
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What is dog expenses ?

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What slab of Income Tax on till date.How many limit of investment for Indvidual.

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What do you mean by MOT Charges in excise ? Explain !

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Any body plz guide me. I have making a invoice of 4% sales tax rate but actual rate of sales tax 5%.

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Please anybody tell what is a entry for Sales Tax & Income Tax refund received.

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What diffrance between 1st stage,2nd stage and 3rd stage dealer in excise.? Explain.!

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is TDS applicable on Sodexo coupons?

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Ir we have bill for CST 2% we made entry 12.5% by mistake then what is solutin for C-form


What are the treatment & implications if party doesn't provide C Form in interstate sales transactions & also same if provide C Form.


What are the Treatment & Implications in interstate sales transactions if party is unregistered dealer & having Exemption Certificate or exempted.



What are the treatment & implications in case interstate sales transaction if party is not registered (Individual or other then individual)


Please explain how to pass entry for VAT setoff and Service Tax Credit?


what are the present provident fund rates?

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what is present service tax rates?

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what is the present tds rates?


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i had received an arrear 0f Rs.700000/- lacs for the period 1.1.2007 to 31.3.2010 and Rs.78000 for the period 1.4.2010 to 31.7.10 during aug'2010. my normal salary for 2010-11 is 400000/-. on what amount will my rent free house perquisite be calculated? i have also claimed rebate u/s 89 by distributing my arrear salary in previous years.


IF a vendors charges WCT @8.75% what is the rate of TDs to be deducted against that? & can we take the Input of it?


can we take 100% input of contractor service tax billing where service receiver have to pay 50% service tax


how we issue the road permit to seller for receiving the rearing material


Dear Friends, Hai, i want to Know that How To Fill ETDS Return. Kindly Tell I'wll we very thankful to you. Deepak Gupa


If a person purchased goods by paying vat but while selling no vat has been collected and if he is registering his firm under vat need to pay vat after registration?


what is fbt@ ,sd @


what is tax avoiding?


if i the vendor is providing us some printing material & they issue a bill of printing with including Vat so what can i deduct TDS ?


what is cost taxation


Rules for filling Income Tax return for a domestic manufacturing company.


over all details about tax what is mean by headge fund and detail explanation?


Deferred taxation is a part of which equity?


Please some one tell me what is the VAT or WCT rate for works contract at Tripura


what is the case assesment of sales tax and vat.What is the proof of this case assesment.why we use the challan-c...???? Plz tell me someone...???