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Taxation Interview Questions
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In Indian Taxation point of view, what you will look into a payment or what is to be observed while making a payment.

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What are the present TDS rates for various transactions in Indai.

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what is income tax?

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how can i(accoutant) file tds,vat,service tax,salestax,business it returns?

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can some one pls explain briefly about 'Differed Tax'?

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What is deffered tax liability?

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Hi May i know i 2 avoid Income Tax.I am getting 1,20,000PA and a house rent of 5000PM,and profit from Agriculture Income of 80,000.Is agriculture Income taken into consideration.If so how 2 calculate further & how much will b the Income TaxI will b getting.

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Please describe wht is role of a excise officer at time of export despatch wht type of documents use


what is meaning the central excise duties

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If i want to pay less tax,which method of depriciation should be adopted?

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What is TDS ? What is the TDS Rate as per new accounting period 2008 - 2009

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what is excise duty, how much rate calculation on manufacturing goods?

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why use diff vat forms like vat51 vat3 why


What is the different between Excise Invoice and Invoice


Dear Sir, Regarding for WCT, IF FORM DVAT-43 MADE FOR DELHI STATE.So Is there any Form availabe for Haryana State. Would request you to please let know Answer in Yes or No or which form is available for HR State If do you have any kind of list for same please have suggested me.


I raised a service tax invoice against a client on which i charged service tax and without receiving any sum from client a deposited service tax on good faith but now client refuses to pay sum . so please, tell me what should i do.


what do you mean by cenvat? and in which is liable?


A Old Government Job retired Personnel who is getting his Pension amount@Rs.11000/- per month. He has put his retirement Fund in Bank Deposit for 1 year. No Bank is deducted TDS on that amount. Do we have any way by which his TDS can be refunded or saved


cst rates


In an E1 trasaction, if the dealer fails to get the E1form from his supplier& submit it to the Sales Tax Authority, then how much will be the expected penalty from Sales Tax department, if the local tax of those item is 14.5%? Please Note: Dealer has submitted all other documents to sales tax including customer Cform expect E1 form. Kindly give us the valuable answer with the supporting CST circular number.


What is excise & service tax?


can penalty be imposed under sec 96 of vat act west bengalfor goods destroyed or damaged


What is the Procedure of Import & Export


how i get h form


WCT charged on firm or on proprietor?


The company has to pay transportation charges for transporting its materials. The company has not remitted the TDS on the same within due date. Is this expenses to be disallowed in STI. This expenses is directly considered on valuation of closing stock.


Hi,  Can somebody help me to know whether WCT MVAt is applicable on catering service, if the caterer is uses his own material and labour for doing cooking in our premises and later the product is sold in the same premises for the employees. Kinldy advice whether WCT will be deducted on this.