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Taxation Interview Questions
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I am paying LIP to my daughter Rs 12500 per annum since 5 years. last year she got married. Pl advice me whether I can add her LIP payment to my savings to get Tax benifit

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Define salary for the following purposes 1.Entertainment Allowances 2.House Rent Allowance

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What is the due date for issue of TDS certificate under salaries and in what form

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The Book Profit of a firm is 325600/- What is the allowable remuneration to the working partners If it is a business firm If it is Professional Firm and also let me know under what section

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We have purchased staples Item & vendor charged freight in his invoice.should we deduct TDS on freight charges by vendor?

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Who is exempted from registration and payment of tax under AP VAT ACT

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who are liable to be registered under Vat Act

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I got 3 houses in Hyderabd from which i am not getting any rent because In A house i occupied for my family, No.B was occupied by My father and C was occupied by my sister.I am putting Nil in the column mentioned for income from house property. Is it right or wrong pl let me know

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what is rate of vat on gold ? and what is the rate of tax applicalbe on sale of gold in case of interstate sale ?

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How many form C we can issue or receive in 1 quarter against Inter state purchase or sales

Alstom, HBL Power Systems, Piyush Industries,

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what is the time limit of tax credit in sales return condition

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what is the working capital

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I have made our pan card in, i want to confirm that it is mandatory that I shall fill our income tax return in delhi

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please send me andhra bank clerk xam model papers


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what is the method of work contract tax computation




The company i approached asked me that they are registered Manufacturer to market fire extinguishers. They have both VAT & CST registration. When they supply material out of state i.e. under "C" form, to a Dealer who is also registered with CST and who can issue "C" form but for product paint. Will the "C" form issued by the Dealer be acceptable to us. What law governs, since the dealer is not registered to trade in Fire Extinguishers? In the first instance will he be able to issue "C" form at all i.e. Will the government allow him to issue "C" Form, if so under what norms? In the case that my company is the Dealer and registered for trading in Paint and we are taking Fire Extinguisher Dealership will I get set-off in "C" form for purchase and Sale. Kindly let me know on


how can I know the status of the service tax filing of my organisation when I don't have any details except St number. I want to know till what date the returns are filed etc as I have recently joined.


how we issue the road permit to seller for receiving the rearing material


What is Form 12A & Form-H and where is applicable.


What are the treatment & implications in case interstate sales transaction if party is not registered (Individual or other then individual)


What are all include taxation...? What is to be noted in the taxation...? Hints would be highly appreciated.


we have some central purchase bill against c form i want c form against this bill what requirment for form because we have not recived any c form from the cst office please advice me what i do . thanks


what diff. between Account ,Commerce and Finance?


what are the benifits available to become and EOU in all taxes, such as Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise, Custom


What is Form-I, FORM-F, FORM-H, FORM-E and FORM-C?


how to caluclate the mumbai tax with example? what is mean by credit and debit ?


how many sale tax charged on the billing for central dealer by uttar pradesh dealer at furniture items ? & how many sale tax charged for u.p. dealer by up dealer ?


Is there any change in the section 80DD for the financial year 2009-10