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Hughes Interview Questions
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RAM chips arranged in 4X6 array and of 8kX4bit capacity each. How many address lines reqd. to access each byte a. 12 b. 16 c.15 d. 17

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Method used for Disk searching.. a.linked list b.AVL c.B-tree d. binary tree

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int arr[] = {1,2,3,4} int *ptr=arr; *(arr+3) = *++ptr + *ptr++; Final contents of arr[]

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TCP/IP hdr checksum : what method is used ?

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One solution for deadlock prevention for dining philosopher's problem

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given a height balanced tree. If we add one more node , how many nodes gets unbalanced ?

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Given a arbitrary pointer to an element in a singly linked list?what is the time complexity for its deletion .

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what is the diff b/n c and c++ a. dynamic scoping b. nested switching c. declaration of variables in any code block d. separation of compilation and linking

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converting 41.685 to binary

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x:validating :Are we producing product right y:verification:Are we producing right right a)X is wrong statement b)y is " c)x and Y " d)x & y is right statement

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client server is working in asyn mode then how communication will take place bt client and server.


If A sends a message to B with encryption then key is a)A public key b)B public key c)A private key d)B private key

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In a class only declaration of the function is there but defintion is not there then what is that function?

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If "AaBbCc" is passed to the char char x(*a) { a[0]?x(a+1):1; printf("%c",a[0]); return 1; } what will be the output?

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f(*p) { p=(char *)malloc(6); p="hello"; return; } main() { char *p="bye"; f(p); printf("%s",p); } what is the o/p?

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