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Honda Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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if HR asks about, to tel us about automobile engineering wht should we answer him

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What is critical pressure ?. What will happen if water is heated above critical pressure and temperature?. What importance it is having related to Boiler?. Upto what presrure natural circulation is possible in Boilers?.


in engine when the engine stops are the pistons were stopped in between or they complete the process.

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Diploma Mechanical Engineer i had attened more over 100 interviews they are all asking the same question "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF"

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What is A check, B check, C Check & D check for a diesel Generator? Please guide me as this question was asked many times and till now i haven't get right answer.If you can mail me then please mail me the answer @

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What is the trunk type and crosshead type piston

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What does CC Stand for?

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What is the purpose of having an inclined portion on the dam site exactly behind the dam opening????

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what is the difference between application of single acting actuator and double acting actuator

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why different types of sound are produced in different bykes though they say run on SI engine

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what will happen if petrol is fed to diesel engine and disel is fed to petrol engine?in any case engine will run or not?

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IS fly wheel is necessary element for a prime mover

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What do you mean by KG and KGS in Diesel Engine


what is diploma?

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In Feature How use in distel water in use in bike.? 2) Above 2020 petrol prise 100 per/lit.? how can use in Poor people in Bike.

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