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Hitachi Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the fitter

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what is the highest critical temprature of refrigerant?

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Lowest temp in vapour compression cycle in :(Ans:Expansion devices) Contineous welding is type of :(Seam Welding) refrigerant in domestic Refrigerator:(R 134 A) Lowest critical temp of refrigerant:(Freon) Statement....this is law) Ratio reynold no to prandtl no is:(Pecelent no) if welding is done from right to left then what is the name welding:(Not known) slip gauges are made up of:(alloy steel) clearence between meeting surfaces is due to which gauges: question on rubby laser,rake angle,heat treatment processes,joules law,bell coleman cycle like a/c works on which cycle?


I have a Hitachi split unit 1.5 Tr but I want know that what is meaning of R-134a refrigerant and what is chemical formulla.

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