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Geometric Software Interview Questions
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a=0; b=(a=0)?2:3; a) What will be the value of b? why b) If in 1st stmt a=0 is replaced by -1, b=? c) If in second stmt a=0 is replaced by -1, b=?

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f() { int a=2; f1(a++); } f1(int c) { printf("%d", c); } c=?

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f1() { f(3);} f(int t) { switch(t); { case 2: c=3; case 3: c=4; case 4: c=5; case 5: c=6; default: c=0;} value of c?

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Define function ?Explain about arguments?

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C passes By value or By reference?

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difference between my-strcpy and strcpy ?

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What compilation do?

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Artficial language is provided which of the language?

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Write a program to exchange two variaables without temp

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Fortran cannot have value by reference True or False?

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What are the month end activities performed in an organization? Why do we perform these month end activities? Explain in detail.

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