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Geometric Software General Aptitude Interview Questions
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If a person walks at 4/5th of his usual spee he reaches 40min late. If he walks athis usual speed how much time does he travels.

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Two trains A&B start at opposite points 120km at 60kmph. A fly starting along with train A at 120kmph reaches B then returns back to touch and continue. By the time two trains meet howmuch distance the fly would have travelled?

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In a class 80% have passed english,70% passed Hindi 10% didnot passed either. If 144 students passed both. What is the total strength of the class.

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If a man stands in front of sun what is the first letter of the direction which is left to him:

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One wordswill begiven find oddman out: a) sow b) cut c) sickel

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If I bought a cycle before 2days of my birthday and I broke it after 3 days of my birthday the day I broke is Mar2, 1956? Answer following logical questions? i) when is his birthday?

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What is my father's sons son to my son?

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On cutting which solid parabola would be generated

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Eulers formula ?

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Newton Rapson method is to find ?

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How many tangents can be drawn with in three circles if they do not lie with in each other

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xy-x+2y = 6 equation is shifted to form equation xy=c what is c?

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When x is real what is the least value of (x**2-6*x+5)/(x**2+2*x+1)

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When an object like cube or sphere is seen along x,y,z,axes we get the same.Apart from these suggest another which has similar characteristics?

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Convert 251 decimal to base 8(i.e. octal)?

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