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Gemini Interview Questions
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1.What are the types of events in 2.what is databind? 3.what is COM objects? 4.Difference between gridview and datalist? 5.what is SOAP? 6.what are contents are available in page? 7.what are types of error?

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How many testcases you can write for mobile message box?

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different between general ledger accounting and New G/L accounting? pls expline

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What is the best Difference between RIP, OSPF, EIGRP

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1>What do you mean by Networks and Networking? 2>Difference between Vlan And Sub Interface Vlan? 3>What is Fiber Optic Media Converter? 4>What is Firewall? 5>Difference Between Layer2 and Layer3 Switch? 6>What is the function of Multilayer Switch? 7>Expalin STP? What is the Difference between STP and MST? 8>What is the Function of VTP?Explain the modes of VTP? 9>What kind of Message VTp will Send? 10>What is the Difference between Normal and Manageable Switch? 11>Difference between Local Vlan and End to End Vlan? 12>Difference between Distance Vector and Link State Routing protocol? 13>What do you mean by Backbone Fast Port? 14>what is Root Guard and BPDU Guard?


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